Your Myrtle Beach Property Managers.

The Management Professionals with Coastal Vacation & Annual Rentals are very familiar with the real estate market and maximizing returns on investment property. This originates from our knowledge and experience as property managers and real estate investors. We have a first-hand understanding of the needs and expectations of property owners. Protecting and improving the value of your investment and maximizing your income potential are our top priorities. This is accomplished for our clients through strategic marketing, sound management practices and by building relationships through dependable service.

In addition to our availability to owners and dependability in protecting and promoting each property, we strive to provide fair and professional services that meet each owners needs. The following outline highlights the services CVAR provides in our Rental Management Program:

  • Marketing and Advertising the Property
  • Screening and Processing New Tenants
  • Management, Supervision and Inspections of the Property
  • Coordinating Maintenance and Repairs to the Property
  • Bookkeeping and Financial Reporting

wetlandsWe service local and out-of-state owners in a variety of property scenarios. Some of these include: a new owner of a recent investment, an investor looking to purchase and lease a property, a current owner of a residence moving, upgrading or downsizing but interested in maintaining ownership, an owner of a property where the value is still recovering due to an economic downturn, a long time owner who wants to keep the property to leave to their heirs, a current owner of a 2nd home.

While we do not sell real estate, we do have real estate professionals in our network of preferred associates that we refer to our clients and customers. These agents have a high-level of experience with homeowners and investors in this market and have a proven track record of success.

FAQs for Long Term Rental Owners

Benefits of Joining Our Rental Program

There are many benefits to using our Management Team’s resources and experience to maximize the value and the return on your investment. We offer:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the real estate market, the property management industry and the law.
  • Over 23 years of experience managing property, supervising tenants and executing transactions.
  • Strategic marketing practices utilizing a vast network of resources, technologies, professional associates and vendors.
  • Efficient and accurate accounting, timely monthly statements and annual reports.
  • Professional maintenance and services performed and regular property inspections conducted.
  • Fair and competitive fees and commissions.
  • Clear and effective communications by being available 7 days a week, promptly responsive, always positive and courteous.

Owners have the confidence that their investment is being managed and protected. While we maximize your financial return and reduce your anxieties, the available time spent on other areas of your professional and personal life increases. It’s a Win-Win situation for you!