Frequently Asked Questions for Residents

Do you request a credit report and a background check on potential tenants when processing a rental application?
Yes. These are useful in evaluating an application. While these are important, reference verifications for previous residence and employment are important as well.

How do I avoid being held responsible for a problem present in the unit when I move in?
A Property Manager from our company will conduct a walk-through of the unit prior to you taking possession and you will be able to do the same within 48 hours after taking occupancy.

How and when is rent due?
Rent is typically due on the 1st day of each month and can be paid online, mailed or dropped off in our office. A late fee will be assessed on all late rents and continues to accrue until paid in full. Rent can be paid in various forms. If rent is paid with a personal check that is not processed due to insufficient funds, personal checks will no longer be accepted for rent payments.

Can I use my security deposit as the last month’s rent?
No. The last month’s rent must be paid on time in the same manner as any other month. Under no circumstances will the security deposit be used as rent for any month.

Can I make any alterations to the unit such as painting, fixtures or other changes?
Yes, but only with written permission from the property owner that is obtained through the Management Company.

How do I handle a maintenance issue?
Non-emergency issues should be submitted to the management company by phone, email or on a Maintenance Request Form. Emergency issues should be reported through the on-call number provided to you. If the issue involves fire or health and safety, you should first call 911 and then notify the Management Company.

Do I need to have insurance?
Yes. We require a renter’s insurance policy that covers your personal property. You should also have liability coverage, especially if you have a pet in the unit.

Can anyone else access my unit?
Yes, but only at certain times for specific reasons- in emergencies, for scheduled services (pest treatment, quarterly inspections, property showings, etc) and for requested or agreed upon repairs and maintenance. If access is denied or impeded for any of the above services, the tenant will be charged a fee in accordance with the lease agreement.

Can I sublease the unit to someone else?
No. The lease agreement clearly states and explains this.

Can I have a pet?
Yes, but only if the property owner agrees in writing. A non-refundable Pet Fee will be collected for the animal and an addendum to the lease agreement stating the expectations of the tenant must be signed. Other documentation on the animal may be required.